UAE Winter Bucket List

UAE Winter Bucket List – Part 2

Hello folks, anticipating about our UAE Winter bucket list part – 2? Well, it’s even more entertaining. So, grab the popcorn and check out what UAE brings to you this season. 

You know what is the most wonderful thing about the United Arab Emirates? It has wonderful activities lined up for winter. So if you happen to be in the Emirates then make sure you check out this post to find out about winter fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family.

UAE Winter Bucket List - Here It Comes!

We’ve got 4 events that are happening and will happen in the UAE. Each of these is unique and incredible in its own way. So, don’t miss out. 

Global Village Dubai

UAE Winter Bucket List

Global Village Dubai is a unique and cultural treasure that deserves a spot on your winter bucket list. Located in the heart of Dubai, this dynamic attraction brings cultures from all over the world together in one place. With pavilions representing more than 90 countries, you can experience a global journey through dining, entertainment, and shopping. The warm atmosphere, lit by millions of lights, creates a magical atmosphere that makes it a must-visit in winter.

Moreover, during the winter months, Global Village transforms Dubai into a winter wonderland, making it more appealing to tourists looking for a festive experience. Cool temperatures make exploring cultural sites, from bustling Asian streets to traditional European charms, all the more enjoyable. Seasonal celebrations and holiday decorations add extra charm and make it an ideal destination for families, friends, and solo travelers

The main attractions at Global Village in the winter are the wonderful entertainment options available. From live concerts to cultural performances to rides and fun games, there is something for everyone. Complete with snow playgrounds and snow gardens, the Winter Wonderland area offers a unique opportunity to experience winter activities in the heart of the wilderness.

Enjoy Lebanese Food at Li Beirut

UAE Winter Bucket List

You can enjoy a wonderful time at Li Beirut that’s a Lebanese place in the UAE. It’s a gem in Abu Dhabi that offers an interesting blend of traditional and modern Lebanese cuisine with a hint of European flavour. 

The restaurant features an extensive menu that spans a variety of delights, including the sweet and savoury elements of Lebanese culinary tradition. From savoury mezze dishes to main courses, you have so much to Enjoy.

Moreover, the place offers a delightful dining experience and the elegant aesthetic begins in the lobby, where guests are greeted with a cosy atmosphere. As you walk into the lobby, a beautiful backdrop for their dining experience offers breathtaking views of the city. 

To end the dining experience on a sweet note, Li serves delicious Arabic food from Beirut. From the rich Honey Fudge to the classic Umm Ali, dessert lovers can enjoy the musical touches of the flavours. 

Yas Winter Fest

UAE Winter Bucket List

In Winters, you can immerse yourself in Abu Dhabi’s grandest winter celebration at Gateway Park South on Yas Island from December 6th to December 10th, 2023 with Yas Winter Fest. This extravaganza promises an array of festivities that cater to every winter lover.

From the savoury delights of festive winter foods to the enchanting nightly fireworks displays you will find yourself surrounded by the spirit of the season. The event kicks off on Wednesday, December 6th, from 2 pm to 10 pm, ensuring a week filled with joy and winter magic.

Moreover, one of the highlights of this celebration is the introduction of an all-new snow park, adding a touch of winter wonder to the Abu Dhabi. You can revel in the joy of playing in the snow, creating a memorable experience reminiscent of traditional winter celebrations. 

The snow park is set to be a hub of excitement, providing a unique opportunity for families and friends to engage in winter-themed activities.

Gateway Park South, located on Yas Island, sets the stage for this extraordinary event. With extended hours on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (December 8th to 10th) from 12 pm to 10 pm, you will have ample time to explore the festive offerings.

MICHELIN Guide Food Festival in Abu Dhabi

UAE Winter Bucket List

Michelin Guide Food Festival brings together food festivities where you can taste dishes crafted by some of the finest chefs recognized by the esteemed MICHELIN Guide. The festival promises fun and food that is beyond borders. The event will start on December 8th. 

UAE Winter Bucket List - What's On Your Mind?

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