Winters in Abu Dhabi

Theme Parks To Visit This Winters in Abu Dhabi

Let’s make your winters in Abu Dhabi more enthraling and fun-filled. 

Theme parks are the ideal destination as they offer multiple activities for everyone. Kids and adults both can have a great time. Be it fun rides or yummy food, everything is available at reasonable prices. 

In this article, we have listed some of the most amazing theme parks that you can visit this winter season.

6 Theme Parks To Visit This Winters In Abu Dhabi

We’ve shortlisted some of the most fun-filled theme parks to make your winters in Abu Dhabi.

Heritage Theme Park

Winters in Abu Dhabi

Heritage theme park is a unique destination to enjoy your winters in Abu Dhabi. Its located at Al Zahiyah and is open 24/7 for visitors. This park is a wonderful destination with its beautiful gardens and large walking areas. You can prepare your favorite foods and have the perfect setting for picnics and family get-togethers.

Free internet services are available for you to share snippets with your friends. You can avail of complimentary bicycle rentals and read magazines to chill and relax amidst the greenery. 

Since it is located close to the Abu Dhabi Youth Centre, it is considered convenient and feasible by visitors. The underpass connecting it to the Corniche Walkway further adds to its accessibility. 

Hili Fun City

Hili Fun City is located in the garden city of Abu Dhabi, which is approximately 1.5 hours away from the capital. It has 28 attractions for people of all ages. The park has been updated and renovated to elevate your experience. It has a family show amphitheater and picnic and play areas.

The rides are fun and convenient as both adults and kids can enjoy them together, making it perfect for families. An ice rink is also available with an entry fee of 10 AED. The ticket prices are fair. All of the rides are included in the entrance fee. You can enter the park and enjoy 25 attractions for the all-inclusive price of AED 60 on Wednesday through Saturday and AED 30 on Mondays and Tuesdays. 

Snacks in the park are available at reasonable prices. However, you are also welcome to bring a picnic blanket and your own snacks. The grass by Mary Go Round is ideal for a picnic in the afternoon!

The Natural Aquarium

The Natural Aquarium is located at Al Qana-Rabdan. At The National Aquarium Abu Dhabi, you can view some of the most incredible animals in the world up close. 

This magnanimous aquarium houses over 330 species and 46,000 swimming, flying, and crawling creatures, including sharks, stingrays, fish, amphibians, snakes, and a plethora of other aquatic, avian, and terrestrial animals.

There is a wonderful tunnel through which you can view the fish swimming above your head. There is also a boat to ride on and a glass bridge to have a walk across. 

For you to better understand each species, a conservator describes them with beauty and creativity. Additionally, there is an animal hospital where you can see how sharks reproduce. 

There are kid-friendly and age-appropriate games. The surroundings also complement the aqua aesthetic. 

To book your spot, purchase the ticket online!

Circuit X

Located at Al Hudayriat Island, Circuit X offers four exclusive parks designed to keep you entertained all day long.

In the Splash Park, kids can have a blast on the action-packed island. They can get as wild as they want with a pool, splash pads, dry and wet play areas, and a pirate’s playground while constantly supervised by experienced coaches. 

Kids can show their skateboarding ability at the Skateboard Park. Professional coaches give one-on-one instruction to them. Children 13 years of age and up are only allowed from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. The minimum age is five years old. 

BMX and Ropes Parks are also open. Being one of the largest asphalt pump tracks in the UAE, it provides a great experience for riders of all skill levels. 

Lastly, there is a 13-meter free-fall jump, a 100-meter zipline, and a 50-foot climbing wall for children. A ropes course is designed with 31 obstacles to make it challenging.

Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce Abu Dhabi is located on the first floor of Marina Mall. It is one of the best indoor venues that offer exciting activities for the kids.

There are a variety of exciting activities. They include slam-dunking, zip-lining, and “ninja” obstacle courses. Adults and kids above the age of 3 can participate in the activities. Bounce Abu Dhabi Trampoline Park is the latest addition and famous amongst visitors for all the right reasons. Both kids and adults can have a great time here. 

To make your child’s birthday memorable and special, Bounce hosts birthday celebrations as well.


Winters in Abu Dhabi

KidZania is located on the first floor of Yas Mall. It is an award-winning theme park that blends education and entertainment to make activities fun and learning enjoyable.

Kids are given a boarding pass and a set of KidZos, the park’s currency for pretend play. It has more than 40 role-playing games that are appropriate for kids between the ages of 4 to 16. 

KidZania offers multiple professions that kids can choose and mimic. They can become pilots, doctors, chefs, or firefighters and learn about each profession in detail. To make the learning experience realistic, it features a variety of sets and props, like a fire station or hospital ward.

It is the perfect destination to have your kids engaged in productive activities.

Winters in Abu Dhabi - It's A Wrap!

Abu Dhabi looks breathtaking during winter. The fine, cool weather makes all these theme parks more enjoyable and funfilled.