Taste of Abu Dhabi festival

Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival

Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival is here to sweep you off with the tempting food and amazing entertainment. 15 of the city’s top restaurants will come together to showcase their cooking talents. Every bite is a journey through flavors, from innovative fusions to timeless classics. Here is what you can expect.

More About The Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival

Interactive Enjoyment

Taste of Abu Dhabi festival

The Kibsons Cooking Challenge takes the fun a notch higher because it invites you to participate in an exciting cooking competition. 

You will have a chance to put on an apron and show off your cooking skills under the supervision of master chefs. It’s not just a spectator sport; It’s a hands-on opportunity and a chance to be part of the food magic.

Barbecue Entertainment

For those who love smoky barbecue, the BBQ School by DXBBQ is a must-see. Here you will learn the art of grilling from the experts by discovering the nuances of making the perfect barbecue. 

It’s your chance to turn backyard barbecues into gourmet experiences by incorporating tips and techniques from the grill masters.

Divine Cooking Tutorial

Taste of Abu Dhabi festival

The lunch school is a haven for aspiring chefs. Attendees can immerse themselves in the cooking world and learn the secrets behind flavor combinations, recipes, and creating memorable meals.

Sweet and Melodic Harmonies

The Sweetness of Abu Dhabi is not only a feast for the taste buds but also music for the ears. Three separate music venues ensure the festival is the genre of choice. 

In addition to mainstream acts, the festival showcases local talent and adds a touch of authenticity to the music scene. 

You can discover hidden gems and emerging artists as they weave their music. Not only is it a chance to admire top artists but to support and celebrate the city’s thriving music scene.

Dancing, Drinking and Fun

The Taste of Abu Dhabi is not just an event; It’s a festival where the cooking and musical interests blend seamlessly.

The festival’s licensed stalls are strategically placed and invite attendees to indulge in their favourite beverages while enjoying a beautiful atmosphere.

As the sun goes down, the taste of Abu Dhabi turns into a night wonderland. You can dance under the stars, surrounded by the delightful smells of delicious food and live music.

Celebrating Cultures

Taste of Abu Dhabi festival

Taste of Abu Dhabi is like a big party where people can try many different kinds of food. From the special food of Abu Dhabi to food from other countries, it’s like a colorful mix of flavors. Plus you can meet famous chefs who make yummy dishes and even get their autographs. The festival is a chance to learn from them and share stories about food from all over the world.

Also, at Taste of Abu Dhabi, every bite you take is all about making a special memory. You can taste delicious barbecues and discover new songs that you’ll remember even after the party is over.

Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival Location

Make sure you attend the Taste of Abu Dhabi festival that is starting on 10th of November at as low as Gateway Park South, Yas Island.