Christmas in Abu Dhabi

Christmas in Abu Dhabi – Fun Events to Attend

Christmas is just around the corner. This is the merriest time of the year, which is all about spending time with your loved ones, having quality time, building a snowman, singing carols and watching the classic movies of all time.  This Christmas in Abu Dhabi isn’t your regular one. It’s sprinkled with delightful surprises waiting just for you. In this …

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Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi: A Guide to Holiday Celebrations

As Abu Dhabi’s diverse community comes together to celebrate international occasions, Thanksgiving spans a wide range of celebrations.  Whether you enjoy traditional turkey, modern brunch, or festive food, Abu Dhabi has a variety of options to suit your tastes. Here’s a round-up of some of the city’s Best Thanksgiving celebrations. Let’s have a look. Thanksgiving Events Happening in Abu Dhabi …

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Halloween in Abu Dhabi

Halloween In Abu Dhabi – 8 Spooktacular Events to Attend

Looking for ways to celebrate Halloween in Abu Dhabi? We’ve got you covered! Abu Dhabi is renowned for its stunning beaches and desert landscapes. The city is also known for its lavish lifestyle. You would be surprised to know that Abu Dhabi is the perfect place to enjoy the spookiest season of the year. You guessed it right. By spookiest, …

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