musical events at coca cola arena

Musical Events at Coca-Cola Arena – 5 Shock-Tobers To Attend

Are you ready to spark up your energy with the amazing Musical events at Coca-Cola Arena? 

Celebrate the Season of Soulful Electrical Melodies in Dubai!

The Arabian dessert’s heart won’t let you miss the chance to enjoy the days of your life to the fullest. The true gem of the Middle East, amidst the golden desserts and the scorching sun, Dubai brings astounding announcements for the musicaholics to have the most electrical and soul-soaring experience. The largest indoor arena, “Coca-Cola Arena” in Dubai, never fails to be the home for the breathtaking live performances of your idols. 

Get ready to let your soul dance with the beats and dissolve in the realm of melodies.

Top 5 Upcoming Musical Events At Coca-Cola Arena

Aren’t you thrilled enough to see your idols in front of you? Coca-Cola Arena is presenting world-class musical events back to back.

AMR DIAB- The Egyptian Singer

musical events at coca cola arena

Who doesn’t know about the globally famous, cherished performer “Amr Diab”? He is introducing his embarking performance ever in the Coca-Cola arena. Tie your laces tight enough to dance to “Al Hadaba” or “Ana W Enta”. On 20th October 2023, be part of this thrilling, life-lasting experience at 9:00 OM. The doors will be open to welcome at 7:00 PM. Be the early bird and book your tickets before they sell out.

Prices are set as follows: Fan pit standing, AED 695.00 (for 21+), Gold level 4, AED 395.00, Silver level 4, AED 295.00, Regular standing, AED 295.00 ( for 25+)

For more enquiry, contact Coca-Cola at

Khalid- the voice like an ocean

musical events at coca cola arena

The possessor of the velvet voice that can be inhaled while leaving the sweet taste “Khalid”, an American singer and songwriter, has the power to change the realm of the listeners through his songs. Khalid is also performing for the first time in this biggest event of 2023. “Silence”, “beautiful”, or “young, dumb and broke.” Who dares to stay untouched with these songs? 

Be at the Coca-Cola arena at 7:30 PM.; the heart-pounding performance will start at 9:00 PM. Book the tickets now, as the slots are limited. Moreover, check out the authentic prices: Golden circle standing AED 499.00 (14 above), Diamond AED 499.00, Regular standing AED 3999.00 (14 above), Platinum AED 399.00 and Silver level AED 299.00.

Macklemore- American Hip-Hopper

Be prepared to dance above the floor! 

The renowned rapper of the blockbuster hip hop “thrift shop” “Macklemore Live” will be performing with his dancehall of dynamic electrical voice and music to give you a hair-raising experience on 28th October Saturday night. This mega event’s most awaited sensational live performance will begin at 9:00 PM sharp at Coca-Cola Arena.

Furthermore, from winning four Grammy awards, Benjamin Hammond Haggerty has won the hearts of his million fans. Hence, you can’t risk being late in booking the tickets. Grab Silver Level 1 AED199, Platinum AED299, Regular standing AED299 (14 above), Diamond: AED399, and Golden Circle standing AED499 (14 above).

Check VisitDubai for more details.  

Sean Paul And T.I – The Temperature Risers

Enjoy the irresistible performance of two globally recognized Jamaican and American artists and the winner of many awards and Grammys, Sean Paul and T.I. Moreover, the fusion of electrical energy with freestyle raps will promisingly raise the temperature, grab the hand of your music enthusiast fellow and bounce with the beats when the music lightning strikes the dance floors.

On the 21st of October, they embark on the enchanting night of dynamite and nonstop dancing at coca Coca-Cola Arena at 9:00 PM. Furthermore, you can enter the gates by 7:30 PM.  So, you should register yourself before you miss the chance. Moreover, the available tickets includes; Silver AED250.00, Regular standing AED300.00 (16 above), Gold AED300, Diamond AED 350.00, and Golden circle standing AED600.00 (16 above)

Confirm the prices from

Bastille- The British Pop Band

Not just the solo artist, the mega-musical event will be presenting the live performance of the famous indie pop band. Moreover, the breathtakingly talented song artists of the British base brand Bastille will leave you in shock; blending the different voices at the same moment will deeply activate the inner desire to dance with the rhythm. 

On November 1st, at 9 pm sharp, join the live performance of Bastille at Coca-Cola Arena. Here are the available ticket details – AED 350 for golden standing (restricted below 14), AED 299 for regular standing (restricted below 14), AED 299 for diamond slot, and AED 199 for silver slot.

Book your slot now!

Feeling Pumped Up? Book Your Slot To These Musical Events At Coca Cola Arena

Remember that for all the upcoming musical events in Dubai, the children below 16/14 are supposed to be accompanied by an adult 18 or above. The valid tickets are required to enter for 12 months and above. Moreover, online tickets will be given to you one week before the mega event 2023. It’s the season to fulfil the need to experience the most heart-pounding live performances by standing between world-famous celebrities. Make this night unforgettable with your friends or family, and let the melody be your bliss.