Japan Culture Con

Japan Culture Con – First Time Ever In Dubai

Japan Culture Con is coming to Dubai for the first time ever. Brace yourselves to experience Japanese culture in its entirety. It is a three-day festival and has multiple attractions and activities. You can immerse yourself in the world of Japanese culture, which includes anime, manga, video games, music, fashion, and delicious food.

To learn more about Japan Culture Con, continue reading as we have shared some wonderful details about it.

Japan Culture Con - Event Details:

Japan Culture Con

Time And Dates:

Japan Con Culture takes place from November 10th to 12th November. You can come and enjoy the event from 2 p.m. to 11:30. You’ll have plenty of time to dive into the wonderful world of Japanese culture.

Location and Ticketing

Held at Burj Park, the festival is geared toward families. The ticket price ranges from AED 20.00 to AED 85.00. You can avail of early bird tickets for 30 AED only. Through the Japanculturecon.ae website. Tickets for each day can be bought online. The early bird offer is still valid for the three-day pass, which is 80 AED if you want to immerse yourself in Japan’s rich heritage fully. Here is what to expect.

Japan Culture Con - Let's Begin The Fun

Let’s unwrap the details about the most anticipated event happening in Dubai.

Japan Culture Con

Rickshaw Rides

Japan Culture Con

To give an authentic Japanese cultural experience, traditional rickshaw rides will transport guests to the main venue. So, to experience the true Japanese vibe, hop in and enjoy. 

Awe Inspiring Artists and Performances

To celebrate with you, your favorite voice actors from anime and manga, Koichi Takamatsu, The Mode, Akira Sakura, Marie Uede, Ushio Hashimoto, Satsuki Sunayama, and Yoshiyuki Kimura, will be performing at the event. 

Moreover, it is a fantastic opportunity to meet your favorite voice-over artists and singers. Make your day memorable by clicking some selfies with them.

Food and Much More

Japan Culture Con

There will be an array of different kinds of Japanese food made from original Japanese ingredients. Cosmetics, kimonos, and handicrafts are also available at the stalls for you to explore. You can buy souvenirs from the stalls that you can use as house decor.

Decades Old Maid Cafe

This year, the Japan Culture-Con will also feature a maid café. You will get to enjoy the decades-old tradition of Japanese in which waitresses dressed as maids serve the guests. They have a contagious smile on their faces and are dressed in colorful traditional costumes. 

Moreover, the Maid Café experiences are typically limited to Japan, but this event brings it to Dubai for you to experience the warmth and tastes of Japan.

Customary Tea Rituals

Traditional Matcha tea is a symbol of Japanese courtesy and hospitality. It holds a great cultural significance in Japan. As a reflection of customary Japanese practice and to connect you with decades-old traditions, matcha tea will be served to you in a traditional Japanese style.

An Inclusive Experience

Japan Culture Con welcomes everyone with open arms. There is something for everyone at Japan Culture-Con. Your little ones can also tag along with you as a special station is dedicated to kids where they can play entertaining Japanese games.

Win Free Passes

Japan Culture-Con is offering three chances to win passes for you and a friend to attend this incredible Japanese cultural event. 

So, Get a chance to win two complimentary tickets on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12, 2023, by following the simple steps mentioned below:

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Special Student Discount

Use the promo code JCCWFE to receive a discount if you’re under 18 and a student. 

Don’t dilly-dally. Book your tickets now, as only the first 100 students will receive the discount.

Wrapping it up..

Japan Culture-Con is a must-visit this year if you want to explore more about Japanese culture and tradition while enjoying Japanese delicacies. Don’t miss this out, as this event is a perfect blend of entertainment and education. Moreover, discover the modern trends at Japan Culture-Con in Dubai while also learning about traditional Japanese arts.