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Global Village Restaurants – Fine And Fun Dining

Let’s discover about the season’s most amazing line-up of Global Village Restaurants 2023 in Dubai. 

The 28th season of Global Village Dubai is here and it is all about food shopping, entertainment and itineraries. The events brings together 90 different cultures and their taste. If you want to give your taste buds an incredible burst of flavors, quickly grab your tickets now!

Most-Loved Global Village Restaurants 2023

Without further ado, let’s check out the best Global Village restaurants lined up for you. Read on to discover. 

Al Romansiah Mandi & Mazbi & Popular Dishes

Global Village Restaurants

Be a fan of Arabian Mandi. Shortly after you enter the Global Village Dubai, the aroma of Arabic cuisines at the “Al Romansiah Mandi & Mazbi & Popular Dishes” restaurant will captivate your senses. You will be tempted by the juicy chicken and beef pieces on the rice platter, which tantalize your taste buds and leave you craving more. Don’t worry! You can customize your plates as per your favorite meats and chicken pieces. Other than this, the restaurant has numerous dishes to satisfy your hunger.

Quality and quantity are the other striking features of Al Romansiah, making it a lavish restaurant to explore the versatility of Arabian culinarians, especially when your tummy needs good food.


Get delighted with the Egyptian-sourced foods. Trust us, the famous warps sandwiches at Karmouz, Global Village Dubai, take you to flee the podium of Egypt. What makes this place worthwhile is the affordable prices and the intimate atmosphere. So, enjoy the aesthetic ambience with the layers of cheesy mayo with the meaty sauces that taste memorizing and lip-smacking. Yes, the delicious sides, appetizers, and drinks are also there to enhance your mood. Don’t deprive yourself of this unforgettable place.

Emirati Food

Global Village Restaurants

The buffet of Emirati Foods is divine. To the roasted lamb and mutton lovers, the Emirati foods at Global Village welcome you with great hospitality. They offer illustrious local dishes with sparkles of delectable food options. Some amazing dishes are Deyay Nashef (the saucy chicken grilled with tomatoes and served with rice) and Khoboz Wagafi (the roasted and tasty Emirati bread). Feeling hungry? Bundles of yummy dishes are on the list, so don’t miss the spot!

Chick N Cone

Global Village Restaurants

True ingredients Chick N Cone leads to healthy cuisine. Want to taste something unique? Visit Chick N Cone restaurant in Global Village Dubai. Here, the cone nuggets leave you yearning for the enchanting zests. The premium quality cone with delicious crunchy chicken shots and nuggets invokes a desire to taste at least. Why wait in line for food when you Chick N Cone can have it prepared fast? Enjoy your mealtime without any hassle!

AD Burger

Love at first bite! Burger perfectionists lie here only at AD Burger in the global village of Dubai. The veteran AD Burger makes crusty, flavorsome, juicy chicken and meat burgers that won’t make you upset to spend the amount on these big bites. They also offer loaded fries with satiating sauces that will make your dining experience even more enjoyable. Their collaborative staff is ready to fulfill your needs with a variety of coating options. Must-try!

Al Haaj Bundoo Khan

Al Haaj Bundoo Khan in Global Village Dubai offers a perfect retreat for a family outing. This place has a tranquil atmosphere that is a perfect blend of aromatic fragrances and genuine spices. The atmosphere creates a dining experience that’s truly enjoyable. 

From the rich flavors of Mutton Karahi to the heartiness of Haleem and the succulence of Peshawari Mutton, it’s a food journey you cannot afford to miss. This place is especially for those people who enjoy Pakistani cuisine and spices.

Also, if you’re on the quest for the best biryani in town, Al Haaj Bundoo Khan is your destination. Don’t miss out on their signature delights like Paratha Kabab and Chicken Tikka which will be served in a beautiful ambiance.

Al Farooj

Global Village Restaurants

If you are craving the best chicken at Global Village Dubai then make sure you do not miss out on Al Farooj. Here you will find the best chicken in the entire village that is equally juicy and crisp. 

What if we tell you that chicken is not their only specialty and that you can also give a treat to your taste buds with their famous shawarma sandwich that oozes flavor in every bite? Make sure you stop at this wonderful Cafe to enjoy the best of deep fried strip of breaded chicken breast.

Whether you’re strolling through Global Village or specifically seeking a chicken feast, Al Farooj effortlessly caters to your cravings. It’s an easy and delightful choice for your next visit.

Persian Kebab Restaurant

Global Village Restaurants

Do you want the taste of Persia while you are at Global Village Dubai? Now you can discover the lively and inviting ambiance of Persian Kebab Restaurant that is perfect for cherished moments with family or friends. The atmosphere sets the stage for an enjoyable dining experience beyond the ordinary and you are sure to have a lot of fun.

The thing that stands out on the menu is the soft and juicy kebabs. From the classic Chelo Kebabs to the flavorful Kubideh and Joojeh, the options are delicious. However, the real standout is their specialty – charcoal-grilled kebabs that are rich with saffron and have all the fresh ingredients. 

Persian Kebab Restaurant offers more than just a meal; it provides a fusion of lively surroundings and delicious flavors. It’s an easy choice for those seeking a flavorful and memorable dining experience in the heart of Global Village Dubai.

Global Village Dubai - Not To Miss Cafes

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Global Village Restaurants Will Sweep You Off In Delight!

Global Village Dubai has a lot to offer in terms of food and restaurants. We have given you some wonderful options that you can explore here.