Global Village carnaval

Global Village Carnaval – Rides, Experiences, and Games

The Dubai Global Village Carnaval is an event that is held every year at the Global Village. It is a popular destination among visitors as there is something for everyone. The carnaval has multitudes of fun rides and games. Magic shows, acrobatic shows, and musical performances are also arranged to keep the visitors entertained in a unique multicultural setting.

All About The Global Village Carnaval

The article lists some of the fun carnaval rides and activities that you can look forward to this year.

Miami Surf

Global Village Carnival

The Miami Surf Ride is famous among visitors as your entire family can enjoy it. It costs 30 AED per person. During the ride, the surf starts to rotate, and the water splashes everywhere, mimicking ocean waves.

Transylvania Towers

Transylvania Towers is an adventurous ride that gives a spooky experience as well. It cost 25 AED per person. It is both scary and fun with creepy creatures chasing you with a hammer, axe, or chainsaw in his hands. The sudden jump scares or surprises will keep your heart racing throughout.

Vroom UAE

Global Village Carnival

Vroom UAE is a family ride that costs 22 AED per person. The bumping cars will be a fun experience for all your family members. Each car will be driven by a single driver striving to bump into other cars. You can compete with your friends and family to see who will do the most car bumps.

Mumbai Express

Global Village Carnival

Mumbai Express is another family-friendly ride costing 18 AED per person. The ride is decorated with beautiful colors to replicate the lively atmosphere of Mumbai. It provides a comfortable two-seater experience. Loud music plays in the background while you enjoy the exhilarating ride.

Roaming Rome

Global Village Carnival

Roaming Rome is a kite-themed ride. You can sit in pairs to share excitement with your friends or family. 

As the ride begins, it gradually increases in height and lets you up in the sky to have a panoramic view of the entire carnival. It is a fun ride that will let you see the colorful sights from above for just 25 AED.

House of Fear

Global Village Carnival

Apart from rides, you can also experience exciting and thrilling themes. One such kind is House of Fear. It is a haunted house with spooky decorations and creepy creatures. The terrifying hisses, creaks and unexpected screams will add to the fear elements. 

If you want to enjoy the eerie feeling of Halloween but don’t know what to do, the House of Fear is the perfect choice. You can immerse yourself in the scary world of terror and suspense for just 65 AED.

Diggers Lab

Global Village Carnival

Diggers Lab provides a holistic environment for your young ones. It is a construction themed lab where kids can polish multiple skills. Strong safety measures are implemented to ensure kids’ safety as the activities involve conducting operations on construction related vehicles such as cranes and excavators. 

It is both fun and educational as your kids will have hands-on experience with different equipment and materials.

Neon Galaxy Adventure Park

Neon Galaxy is a beautiful theme park with neon lights. It is a paradise for toddlers and young children because it offers an array of thrilling activities to keep them entertained. 

From a ball pit and exhilarating slides to rope climbing adventures, there’s something for every child to enjoy. The park has ten engaging Galaxy Game zones where kids can participate in activities that enhance their agility as well as their gross and fine motor skills. 

After a day packed with physical activities, treat your little ones to the Mini World. It is a fantastic spot where they can indulge in delicious treats and create memories.

Mini Golf

Mini Gold is the most recent and thrilling attraction at Global Village’s Mini World. It is an inclusive experience that people of all ages can enjoy. You can choose either a 9-hole or 18-hole game, depending on your skills and ability. 

To make it challenging, you will have to face obstacles and overcome them.  Planning and executing strategies precisely to hit the target can be mentally exhausting. 

You can recharge yourself with snacks at nearby kiosks. The mini golf area is spacious enough to accommodate many players as well.

Wrap Up - Global Village Carnaval

We hope you enjoy the details of the carnivals you can expect at Global Village Dubai. Make sure you pay this beautiful place a visit because it is worth your while.