Christmas in Abu Dhabi

Christmas in Abu Dhabi – Fun Events to Attend

Christmas is just around the corner. This is the merriest time of the year, which is all about spending time with your loved ones, having quality time, building a snowman, singing carols and watching the classic movies of all time.  This Christmas in Abu Dhabi isn’t your regular one. It’s sprinkled with delightful surprises waiting just for you. In this …

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Winter Fine Dine in Abu Dhabi

Winter Fine Dine in Abu Dhabi

As they say, the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. To make your heart full, we have listed some of the coziest dining options that you can explore this winter season in Abu Dhabi. 6 Best Winter Fine Dine In Abu Dhabi Craving for some tantalizing meals and heart-warming cuisines? Here are some incredible winter fine dine …

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Diwali in Abu Dhabi

Places To Celebrate Diwali in Abu Dhabi

While Diwali traditions may reflect differences between regions, the festival resonates most in the UAE, where a large population is made up of Hindu expatriates. Abu Dhabi’s Diwali Festival of Lights reflects a global celebration, where it is not limited to Hindus rather Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists unite happily In cities like Abu Dhabi, Diwali celebrations come through fireworks …

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Global Village Dubai Street Foods

Global Village Dubai Street Foods – Experience the Cultural Fusion

To enjoy a remarkable fusion of cultural street foods hed to Global Village Dubai. The vibrancy of the events and the burst of flavors on every stop will delight your tastebuds. Amidst the unending package of entertainment, shopping, and cultural exhibits, there’s one aspect of this international extravaganza that truly tantalizes the senses – the street foods.  The 28th season …

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Global Village Dubai Cafe

Global Village Dubai Cafes –  One Bite at a Time

Discover more about Global Village Dubai Cafes, a culinary journey that transcends borders and cultures.The 28th season has started and there is so much to explore. If you believe you cannot make up your mind because of so many options then we have got you covered.  In this blog we will be listing the best Global Village Dubai cafes that …

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Japan Culture Con

Global Village Restaurants – Fine And Fun Dining

Let’s discover about the season’s most amazing line-up of Global Village Restaurants 2023 in Dubai.  The 28th season of Global Village Dubai is here and it is all about food shopping, entertainment and itineraries. The events brings together 90 different cultures and their taste. If you want to give your taste buds an incredible burst of flavors, quickly grab your …

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Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai – Unveil the Magical Beam of Surprises

Global Village in Dubai has been exquisitely depicting the colours of multi-cultures since 1997, starting when the temperature drops and lasting for six months. The most welcomed place for families to explore the bundles of entertainment at only one-stop destination. Now, again in 2023, the Park enthusiastically showcases its 28th season, and the buzz is amazing, as always. Moreover, it’s …

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Halloween brunches in Dubai

Halloween Brunches in Dubai: 5 Must-Attend Venues 2023

Halloween Brunhes in Dubai – A blog you’d fall in love with. “By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes.” – Ray Bradbury Imagine sitting on a table adorned with pumpkin centrepieces on a crisp autumn morning with the sweet aroma of cinnamon-spiced pancakes flowing through the air.Fascinating much? Halloween conjures a spirit of craziness blended with …

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Thanksgiving events in Dubai

New Entertainment Venues In Dubai, UAE

Are you ready to discover some exciting, new entertainment venues in Dubai?  Rightly said: Dubai is the glitz and glamour rosette in the heart of the desert. It is one of the best decisions to explore and enjoy Dubai’s destinations to get glee with different countries’ attractions. Now it’s time to freshen up your hectic routine; take a break, and …

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UAE National Day

Top 3 Must-Visit Exotic Restaurants In Downtown, Dubai

Yearning for a savoury culinary experience in Dubai is a no-brainer. Downtown Dubai is surrounded by awe-inspiring and breathtaking restaurants, each offering a unique culinary experience for food enthusiasts. Are you eager to discover some of the best harmonious pairings of meals, stylishly served with fresh toppings and bursting with delectable taste? Read on the blog and check out some …

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