Christmas in Abu Dhabi

Christmas in Abu Dhabi – Fun Events to Attend

Christmas is just around the corner. This is the merriest time of the year, which is all about spending time with your loved ones, having quality time, building a snowman, singing carols and watching the classic movies of all time.  This Christmas in Abu Dhabi isn’t your regular one. It’s sprinkled with delightful surprises waiting just for you. In this …

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UAE National Day

UAE National Day Celebration Events To Attend

Wondering where to celebrate the UAE National Day? We’ve shortlisted the most happening spots for you. Just grab the flag and head to witness the incredible Air Shows, Drone Shows, and heart-warming Fireworks.  Let’s discover about the amazing 52nd National Day celebration happening all around the Emirates. 8 Places To Celebrate UAE National Day 2023 Learn about the mega events …

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Thanksgiving in Dubai

Thanksgiving Events To Attend in Dubai 2023

Get ready to swap your usual pumpkin pie for a slice of Arabian adventure for some amazing Thanksgiving events in Dubai. Blending the warmth of gratitude, the city is gearing up for a celebration like no other in 2023. In Dubai, a fancy city with tall buildings, they have special celebrations for Thanksgiving in 2023. People there, whether they live …

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Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi

Celebrate Thanksgiving in Abu Dhabi: A Guide to Holiday Celebrations

As Abu Dhabi’s diverse community comes together to celebrate international occasions, Thanksgiving spans a wide range of celebrations.  Whether you enjoy traditional turkey, modern brunch, or festive food, Abu Dhabi has a variety of options to suit your tastes. Here’s a round-up of some of the city’s Best Thanksgiving celebrations. Let’s have a look. Thanksgiving Events Happening in Abu Dhabi …

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December Concerts And Gigs

Upcoming December Concerts And Gigs In Dubai

After the crazy November, you’ll get to attend some of the trendiest December concerts and gigs happening in Dubai. The year 2023 has been full of amazing events where legendary artists, musicians, and talented professionals have spread the magic of their art among the people. So, the end of the year is all set to be planned to be massive …

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November Concerts and Gigs in Dubai

Upcoming November Concerts and Gigs in UAE

Concerts are a great way to enjoy live music and delicious food and have a memorable experience with friends.  As the year ends, there are a plethora of musical nights planned in Dubai that you can enjoy with your loved ones.  In this article, we have listed some of the concerts that should be on top of your list if …

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Taste of Abu Dhabi festival

Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival

Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival is here to sweep you off with the tempting food and amazing entertainment. 15 of the city’s top restaurants will come together to showcase their cooking talents. Every bite is a journey through flavors, from innovative fusions to timeless classics. Here is what you can expect. More About The Taste of Abu Dhabi Festival Interactive Enjoyment …

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Hosn Al Etihad Village Festival

Abu Dhabi’s Hosn Al Etihad Village Festival

Abu Dhabi’s Hosn Al Etihad Village is now hosting a fun family festival, where visitors of all ages can enjoy plenty of free entertainment.  Since its inauguration on October 27, the festival offers family-friendly activities, offering its attendees an inclusive and fun atmosphere The highlight of the event is the ‘Sangh Durg 9’ Army A parade organised by the Ministry …

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Japan Culture Con

Japan Culture Con – First Time Ever In Dubai

Japan Culture Con is coming to Dubai for the first time ever. Brace yourselves to experience Japanese culture in its entirety. It is a three-day festival and has multiple attractions and activities. You can immerse yourself in the world of Japanese culture, which includes anime, manga, video games, music, fashion, and delicious food. To learn more about Japan Culture Con, …

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Diwali in Abu Dhabi

Places To Celebrate Diwali in Abu Dhabi

While Diwali traditions may reflect differences between regions, the festival resonates most in the UAE, where a large population is made up of Hindu expatriates. Abu Dhabi’s Diwali Festival of Lights reflects a global celebration, where it is not limited to Hindus rather Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists unite happily In cities like Abu Dhabi, Diwali celebrations come through fireworks …

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