Global Village Pavilions

Global Village Pavilions – Explore the Worldwide Culture

To host the incredible Global Village Pavilions this 2023, over ninety cultures come together, offering you the opportunity to enjoy, experience, and gain exposure to each one of them. Keep reading to find out what to expect in the 28th Global Village Dubai, 2023. A single visit to the event brings you closer to many different ethnicities, races, cultures, and …

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Global Village Dubai Street Foods

Global Village Dubai Street Foods – Experience the Cultural Fusion

To enjoy a remarkable fusion of cultural street foods hed to Global Village Dubai. The vibrancy of the events and the burst of flavors on every stop will delight your tastebuds. Amidst the unending package of entertainment, shopping, and cultural exhibits, there’s one aspect of this international extravaganza that truly tantalizes the senses – the street foods.  The 28th season …

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Global Village Dubai Cafe

Global Village Dubai Cafes –  One Bite at a Time

Discover more about Global Village Dubai Cafes, a culinary journey that transcends borders and cultures.The 28th season has started and there is so much to explore. If you believe you cannot make up your mind because of so many options then we have got you covered.  In this blog we will be listing the best Global Village Dubai cafes that …

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Japan Culture Con

Global Village Restaurants – Fine And Fun Dining

Let’s discover about the season’s most amazing line-up of Global Village Restaurants 2023 in Dubai.  The 28th season of Global Village Dubai is here and it is all about food shopping, entertainment and itineraries. The events brings together 90 different cultures and their taste. If you want to give your taste buds an incredible burst of flavors, quickly grab your …

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Global Village Events

Global Village Events – What to Expect?

Global Village is yet again has arrived to muse to with its most-entertaining Events and Shows in Dubai. The 28th season will surely capture your attention in the best way possible. Do you know that you can enjoy a diverse lineup of 40,000 shows that promise to capture your imagination? There is everything out there from engaging kids’ performances to …

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Global Village Dubai

Global Village Dubai – Unveil the Magical Beam of Surprises

Global Village in Dubai has been exquisitely depicting the colours of multi-cultures since 1997, starting when the temperature drops and lasting for six months. The most welcomed place for families to explore the bundles of entertainment at only one-stop destination. Now, again in 2023, the Park enthusiastically showcases its 28th season, and the buzz is amazing, as always. Moreover, it’s …

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Halloween Parties in Ras Al Khaimah – 5 Events To Attend

31st October is not far and it is time for all of us to gear up for the Halloween party. If you are looking for the best party to attend in Ras Al Khaimah, we have got you covered. Let’s see what you can expect this October. 5 Witch-Crazy Halloween Parties In Ras Al Khaimah “When witches ride their broomstick …

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Winter staycations in Dubai

Winter Staycations in Dubai – Exclusive Hotels and Resorts

Experience the epitome of luxury during your winter staycations in Dubai at some of the most opulent hotels and resorts. To get complete information about the uniqueness each hotel has to offer, read through the blog below: Top 3 Luxury Hotels For Winter Staycations in Dubai Located between the golden sands and the shimmering waters of the UAE, Dubai reveals …

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SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

5 Best Rides at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

Experience thrill, excitement, terror, astonishment and everlasting memories at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Enjoy the breathtaking rides to enhance your adrenaline rush. Other than this, discover the 68000 plus marine animals, eight compelling realms and other scenic & dazzling attractions such as dining areas, shopping outlets, and a research and rescue Centre only at Yas Island SeaWorld. Let’s Untap The Adventures …

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Pet-Friendly Places in Abu Dhabi

10 Pet-Friendly Places in Abu Dhabi

Want to accompany your little fur buddy but don’t know about pet-friendly places in Abu Dhabi? Read on and discover some of the most welcoming spots in your city. Bond with your pets is everlasting because they are incapable of lying about their affection. In the same way, Abu Dhabi’s splendor lies in its ability to cherish both people and …

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